I can import raw tracks you've recorded at any recording studio and transform them into hard hitting, radio ready recordings.


I can create a radio ready master that sounds killer on all types of listening systems, from car to club, iphone to stereo!

Post Production

Add that extra special sparkle into your music and stand out from the crowd, with everything from orchestral parts to electronics and synth work.

Along side our main services, we offer vocal editing & tuning, guitar, bass and drum editing, re-amping, ghost writing, vocal production and midi production. All crucial factors for taking your music to the next level!

Our Work


About Pash

Starting out as a guitar player and moving on to focus on the recording aspect of music, Pash has been immersed in the music industry for the whole of his professional career. Past clients include Warner Music, Universal Music Group, Sumerian Records, and Netflix, along with a host of signed and unsigned artists. Mixing, mastering, writing and producing music from all walks of life including pop rock, electro, indie and his usual clientele of metal and hardcore artists.


Looking to take your music to the next level?

“This guy is a machine! I would totally recommend him to anyone. Best producer we have ever worked with!”

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