Specialists in remote mixing and mastering for metal. No compromise.


Heavy hitting, ultra aggressive metal mixing service. Huge low end, disgusting guitars, thunderous drums and visceral vocals. Give your fans andwhat they deserve


Mastering comes as standard with all our mixes unless you have a dedicated mastering engineer involved. We optimise your music for all streaming platforms in order to hit as hard as it possibly can.


I have many years experience in composing. From band live intros to orchestral, synth and electronic additions to your tracks. This comes as standard if required with all our remote mixing and mastering work.


Along side our main services, we offer vocal editing & tuning, guitar, bass and drum editing, re-amping, ghost writing, vocal production and midi production. All crucial factors for taking your music to the next level.


“Hey all! I’m Pash. I’ll give you a little history on myself and the studio! 

I originally started out as a drummer, then guitar player and moving on to focus on the writing & recording aspect of music, I’ve been immersed in the music industry for the whole of my professional career. I started demoing my own bands over 15 years ago and had no idea it would lead me to working with artists from all over the world on a daily basis! 

My past clients include Warner Music, Universal Music Group, Sumerian Records, Vans Warped Tour and Netflix, along with a host of signed and unsigned artists.

I decided to focus on the mixing and mastering aspects of music in 2018, although I still have my hand in composition with the post production services I offer. I find this is where I can really add value to your final product. This also means I get to work with artists from all over the world, which is something I absolutely love doing. 

If you like what you’ve heard on my website, drop me an email. I absolutely love hearing new heavy music and I’m always looking out for the next band to blow up my playlist. Stay heavy my guys and girls!”

Pash Stratton -


Evan Latter – Seventh Sea – The Collision – Songwriter & Guitarist

Pash has been incredible to me and my bands with his services over the years! The insane quality and professionally of his mixes along with him just being a straight up amazing guy gives me the confidence to recommend him to anyone!
Production Songwriting Tracking Editing Mixing Mastering Consulting

Jack Wood – End of Daze – Ghostwriter – Guitar Teacher

Pash Stratton is THE producer. Not only will your song sound like a polished masterpiece, the extra elements Pash adds & the different production elements he incorporates will take everything you thought you wanted and make it 10 times better. For a clean recording, heavy mix and overall huge professional sound you need to hit up, Pash!
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Here at Heavy AF Studios, we specialise in all aspects of Remote Mixing and Mastering Services.  This allows to offer our services to metal and heavy bands all over the world. We have an ultra easy process from start to finish, so once you have your tracks recorded, you simply pop them over to us via your favourite file sharing platform and we do the rest, the next time you hear your music, it’ll be ready to melt your fans faces. We go back and forth on the revisions you’d like, and we bring your musical vision to life. 


Looking for tips and tricks for mixing your records? Tracking better demos or just rants about the music industry, you can find it all below. 

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Pash Stratton Record Producer & HeavyAF Studios provide the heaviest metal remote mixing and mastering service available anywhere. Working with artists worldwide to bring your fans the hardest hitting metal mixes around. 

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